Frequently Asked Questions

Find Answers to Common Queries About Our Tax Rebate Service

Registration Process

Registering allows us to access your Revenue profile as your Tax Agent, enabling us to act in your best interest and streamline the tax rebate process on your behalf

You can register online, which is the quickest and easiest method. Alternatively, we can send you a manual authorisation form, but this may delay the rebate process.

Yes, it’s preferable for both spouses to register. Having both spouses as clients allows us to secure a rebate more efficiently within your tax relationship.

Both you and your spouse should complete our online authorisation form. Please inform us once you’ve registered, and we’ll ensure your profiles are linked for our records.

Simply complete our online authorisation form, which takes just 60 seconds. After that, we take care of the rest, handling all the necessary paperwork and processing.

Contact our Customer Service Team, and we’ll promptly update your records accordingly

Once registered, we aim to finalize your tax review as soon as possible. Throughout the process, our Customer Service Team is available to address any queries you may have

If you’re an existing client, there’s no need to re-register. We’ll automatically review your tax records annually. Simply keep us informed of any changes in your circumstances.

Cost & Fees

We’ll transfer any money due directly to your bank account or send a cheque to your registered address, depending on your preference.

We operate on a NO REBATE NO FEE basis, meaning you won’t be charged unless there’s a rebate due to you. Our fee for new customers is just 9.5% plus VAT, with a minimum charge of €25, only applicable if you receive a rebate.

We process the transfer to your bank account or send you a cheque as soon as possible after receiving the rebate from Revenue. We’ll notify you when the transfer is complete.

If you prefer your rebate to be paid by cheque, it will be addressed according to your preferences. Please note that a cheque incurs an additional fee, which will be advised to you.

You’ll need a bank account to receive the rebate. If you don’t have one, you can nominate a third-party account for the payment or you can opt to receive a cheque.

Process & Timeline

No documentation needs to be sent. Simply complete our 60-second application form online, and we’ll handle the rest.

You can contact our Customer Service Team at any time to update your records or provide additional information.

We’ll inform you of the outcome of your review via email. If a rebate is secured, we’ll notify you as soon as we receive the funds from Revenue.

We generally communicate with the Assessable Spouse, so if you’re jointly assessed, the same review update applies to both spouses.

We aim to process the transfer to your bank account promptly after receiving the rebate from Revenue. We’ll notify you once the transfer is complete.

Eligibility & Claims

Everyone in the PAYE system may be eligible for tax back. We’ve found that single parents and renters often receive the biggest refunds.

The amount varies depending on individual circumstances. The average tax refund in Ireland is €1,880.

You can claim tax back for the previous four years. Even if you’ve received a balancing statement indicating no rebate, it’s still worth having it checked.

Yes, if you’ve lived and worked in Ireland within the last four years, you may be eligible for a tax rebate regardless of your current location.

If you’ve worked from home over the past four years, you may be entitled to additional tax relief. Please apply for your rebate, and we’ll assess your potential eligibility

3 out of 4 PAYE workers are due a refund, claim yours today!

Terms and Conditions

1. Authorisation to Act as Agent

I authorise Anytime Tax Refunds Limited, TAIN 76174M of Tubbercurry Co. Sligo to act as my agent in dealing with all aspects of the filing of my Irish income tax return, including the submission of refund or credit claims, allowances or reliefs.

I confirm that all documentary evidence of entitlement to credits/reliefs claimed and taxable income sources, will be held for a period of 6 years beginning at the end of the year of assessment to which the Return of Income and/or claim relates by myself.

I confirm that this authorisation will remain in force until Revenue is formally notified of its cessation by either myself or Anytime Tax Refunds Limited, or for a maximum period of 4 years.

2. Authorisation For Agent to Receive Refunds on Behalf of Client

I authorise the transfer of any refund or repayment of PAYE/Income Levy/Universal Social Charge due to me by the Revenue Commissioners by electronic funds transfer to the following bank account which is held by Anytime Tax Refunds Limited.

International Bank Account Number (IBAN): IE10AIBK93727408931117
Bank Identifier Code (BIC): AIBKIE2D
Name of Account holder: Anytime Tax Refunds Limited

I understand that any refund made by the Revenue Commissioners to my agent, Anytime Tax Refunds Limited, on my behalf is refunded in a similar manner as if same were being refunded directly to me and that once the refund is transferred into the bank account nominated by me I have no further call upon the Revenue Commissioners in respect of same.

I understand that Anytime Tax Refunds Limited is acting as my agent and is solely responsible to me in respect of any refund received by them on my behalf. I further understand that my Agent, Anytime Tax Refunds Limited is an independent entity and that the Revenue Commissioners make no endorsement of my agent or any such agency and cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for problems encountered by me in dealing with them.

I understand and agree that Anytime Tax Refunds Limited will input its own bank account details on the Revenue record for the duration of this mandate and will remove these details on the cessation of the mandate.

I confirm that I am aware of, and agree to, the payment of the fees charged by Anytime Tax Refunds Limited in respect of the services carried out on my behalf and that this fee will be deducted from any amount refunded by Revenue and that the balance of this amount will be paid to me.

3.Terms and Conditions of Authorisation

I understand that Tax law provides for both civil penalties and criminal sanctions for the failure to make a return, the making of a false return, facilitating the making of a false return, or claiming tax credits, allowances or reliefs which are not due.

I confirm that I will provide the necessary documentation to Anytime Tax Refunds Limited to support any refund, credit claims or claims for allowances and reliefs made to Revenue on my behalf by Anytime Tax Refunds Limited.

I confirm that I will provide details of all my sources of income to Anytime Tax Refunds Limited.

I understand that the person selected in Section 1 above is required to retain all documentation relating to any refund or credit or allowance or relief claimed by the agent on my behalf for a period of 6 years beginning at the end of the year of assessment to which the Return of Income and/or claim relates and that Anytime Tax Refunds Limited will be required to produce same to Revenue upon request.