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The Ultimate Guide to Budget 2024


As we step into a new fiscal year, Budget 2024 brings with it a series of changes and updates that will impact individuals, families, and businesses across Ireland. This comprehensive guide aims to help you navigate these changes, understand their implications, and make informed decisions to optimize your financial well-being. Whether you are a taxpayer, a business owner, or someone planning for the future, this guide will provide you with the essential information you need.

Key Changes and Highlights of Budget 2024

Overview of Major Policy Changes

Budget 2024 introduces several significant policy changes designed to stimulate economic growth, support social welfare, and promote sustainable development. Key highlights include:

  • Changes in Tax Brackets and Rates: Adjustments have been made to income tax rates and bands, impacting how much you will pay based on your earnings.
  • Social Welfare Payments: Increases in various social welfare payments aim to support vulnerable populations.
  • Incentives for Businesses and Homeowners: New grants and tax reliefs have been introduced to encourage investment and home ownership.

Economic and Fiscal Context

Understanding the broader economic and fiscal context is crucial to comprehending the motivations behind Budget 2024. Ireland’s economy has been resilient, but challenges such as inflation and global economic uncertainties persist. The government’s fiscal strategy focuses on balancing economic growth with sustainable public finances.

Personal Finances

Income Tax Adjustments

Budget 2024 brings changes to income tax rates and bands to provide relief to taxpayers. The standard rate band has been widened, and adjustments to the higher rate aim to reduce the tax burden on middle-income earners. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Standard Rate Band: Increased from €35,300 to €36,800 for single individuals, and from €44,300 to €46,000 for married couples.
  • Higher Rate: The higher rate of 40% now applies to income above the new thresholds, reducing the amount of income taxed at the higher rate.

Impact on Different Income Groups

These changes are designed to provide relief across various income groups, particularly benefiting those in the middle-income bracket. Higher disposable income for these groups is expected to boost consumer spending and stimulate economic activity.

Social Welfare Benefits

Overview of Increases in Social Welfare Payments

To support low-income families and vulnerable individuals, Budget 2024 includes significant increases in social welfare payments:

  • State Pension: An increase of €12 per week.
  • Jobseeker’s Allowance: An increase of €10 per week.
  • Child Benefit: An increase of €5 per month per child.

New Eligibility Criteria and Application Processes

The eligibility criteria for certain benefits have been expanded, and the application processes have been streamlined to ensure quicker and more efficient access to support. This includes a simplified online application system for various social welfare payments.

Pension Reforms

Changes to State Pension and Private Pension Schemes

Pension reforms in Budget 2024 aim to ensure long-term sustainability and adequacy of retirement incomes. Key changes include:

  • State Pension Age: Gradual increase in the qualifying age for the state pension.
  • Private Pensions: Enhanced tax reliefs for contributions to private pension schemes to encourage higher savings for retirement.

How These Changes Will Affect Future Retirees

Future retirees will need to plan for the increased state pension age, and those with private pensions will benefit from improved incentives to save more, ensuring a more secure retirement.

Housing and Property

New Grants and Tax Reliefs for First-Time Buyers

To address housing affordability, Budget 2024 introduces new grants and tax reliefs for first-time buyers:

  • Help to Buy Scheme: Enhanced to provide up to €30,000 in tax rebates.
  • First Home Scheme: New grants up to €10,000 for first-time buyers purchasing energy-efficient homes.

Incentives for Energy-Efficient Home Improvements

Homeowners can avail of increased grants for making energy-efficient improvements, such as:

  • Home Renovation Incentive: Tax credits for renovations that improve energy efficiency.
  • Green Home Grants: Up to €5,000 for installing renewable energy systems like solar panels.

Rental Sector

Adjustments to Rental Subsidies

To support tenants, especially in urban areas with high rents, adjustments have been made to rental subsidies:

Regulations Impacting Landlords and Tenants

New regulations aim to balance the interests of landlords and tenants, including:

  • Rent Control Measures: Extended caps on rent increases in Rent Pressure Zones (RPZs).
  • Tenant Protections: Enhanced rights for tenants regarding notice periods and security of tenure.

Property Tax Updates

Changes to Local Property Tax (LPT)

The Local Property Tax has been revised to reflect current property values, with adjustments made to ensure fairness:

  • LPT Bands: Updated to account for increased property values.
  • Reliefs and Exemptions: New exemptions introduced for certain categories of homeowners, such as those in designated regeneration areas.

New Rules for Property Valuation

Property owners are required to update valuations to reflect current market conditions, ensuring that the LPT is more accurately aligned with property values.

Business and Entrepreneurship

Overview of Corporate Tax Rate Changes

Ireland’s competitive corporate tax rate remains at 12.5%, but additional measures have been introduced:

  • Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit: Increased to 30% to encourage innovation.
  • Small Profits Rate: A new lower rate of 10% for small businesses with profits under €500,000.

New Tax Credits and Reliefs for Businesses

Budget 2024 includes several new tax credits and reliefs aimed at supporting businesses:

  • Digital Transformation Tax Credit: For investments in digital technologies.
  • Sustainable Business Tax Credit: For companies adopting environmentally sustainable practices.

Supports for SMEs

Grants and Funding Opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises

SMEs are the backbone of Ireland’s economy, and Budget 2024 provides enhanced support:

Advisory and Mentoring Programs

New advisory and mentoring programs have been introduced to help SMEs navigate challenges and seize opportunities:

  • Business Growth Mentorship: Expert advice on scaling and expanding.
  • Digital Skills Training: Support for adopting digital tools and platforms.

Start-Up Initiatives

New Initiatives to Support Start-Ups and Innovation

Start-ups will benefit from several new initiatives designed to foster innovation and growth:

  • Start-Up Relief for Entrepreneurs (SURE): Enhanced reliefs for new entrepreneurs.
  • Innovation Vouchers: Funding to collaborate with research institutions on innovative projects.

How to Apply for Start-Up Grants and Tax Reliefs

Detailed guidance on how to apply for these supports is available on government websites, and new online portals have been introduced to simplify the application process.

Education and Training

Increases in Funding for Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Education

Significant increases in funding aim to improve educational outcomes:

  • Primary and Secondary Schools: Increased capitation grants and funding for special needs resources.
  • Tertiary Education: Additional funding for universities and colleges to expand facilities and programs.

New Scholarships and Grants for Students

Budget 2024 introduces new scholarships and grants to support students from diverse backgrounds:

  • Higher Education Scholarships: Expanded to include more disciplines and greater financial support.
  • Access Grants: Increased funding for students from low-income families.

Skills and Training Programs

Government-Funded Training Programs for Upskilling and Reskilling

To address skills shortages and prepare the workforce for future challenges, new training programs have been introduced:

  • Skillnet Ireland: Expanded funding for industry-specific training.
  • Apprenticeship Programs: Increased funding and new apprenticeship opportunities in emerging sectors.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Employee Training Incentives

Businesses can avail of incentives to upskill their workforce, improving productivity and innovation:

  • Training Grants: For employee development programs.
  • Tax Reliefs: For investments in employee training and development.


Overview of Increased Funding for Public Healthcare Services

Budget 2024 allocates significant funding to improve public healthcare:

  • Hospital Funding: Increased budget for hospital infrastructure and staffing.
  • Mental Health Services: Enhanced funding for mental health programs and facilities.
  • Primary Care: Investment in community healthcare services.

Health Insurance Changes

Adjustments to Health Insurance Tax Reliefs

Changes in health insurance tax reliefs aim to make healthcare more affordable:

  • Increased Tax Relief: For health insurance premiums.
  • Extended Coverage: More comprehensive coverage options under new plans.

Impact on Premiums and Coverage Options

These changes will make health insurance more accessible and reduce out-of-pocket expenses for policyholders.

Environment and Sustainability

New Grants and Incentives for Renewable Energy Adoption

Budget 2024 promotes sustainability through various green initiatives:

  • Renewable Energy Grants: Increased funding for solar, wind, and other renewable energy projects.
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Incentives: Enhanced grants for purchasing EVs and installing home charging stations.

Climate Action Policies

Overview of Climate Action Goals and Policies

The government’s climate action goals include achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. Key policies include:

  • Carbon Tax Increase: Gradual increase in carbon tax to incentivize reduction in fossil fuel use.
  • Sustainable Farming Practices: Grants for farmers adopting environmentally friendly practices.

Impact on Businesses and Individuals

Businesses and individuals will need to adapt to new regulations and can benefit from available incentives to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace sustainable practices.


In conclusion, Budget 2024 represents a strategic response to current economic challenges while laying the groundwork for future prosperity and sustainability in Ireland. The comprehensive measures introduced aim to support individuals, businesses, and communities through targeted investments, tax reforms, and social welfare enhancements. As these policies come into effect, it is essential for stakeholders to stay informed, evaluate their personal or business implications, and seek professional advice where necessary.

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