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Paye Tax Deductions & Reliefs

The average PAYE worker does not claim a deduction for the majority of their allowable expenses. At Anytime Tax Refunds, we can help you get the refund you deserve for any allowable expenses you have incurred. It is important to remember that you are entitled to claim tax back for the previous 4 years.

Below we outline some of the reliefs available.

  • Medical expenses
  • Rent relief
  • Flat rate expenses
  • Tuition fees in respect of third level education
  • Pension contributions

Medical expenses

There are a variety of medical expenses that you may be able to claim a refund for. We have mentioned some below.

Doctors and Prescriptions

  • Doctors fees and pharmacy prescriptions from a doctor qualify for tax relief, an individual can claim tax relief on fees paid in respect of any person as long as he or she has paid the qualifying fees.


  • Non routine dental expenses are a deductible expense.
  • Examples of some non routine expenses are crowns, orthodontic treatment (braces and similar treatments), surgical extraction of wisdom teeth in a hospital and bridgework.

Physiotherapy, chiropractor and osteopath treatments

  • Qualify for relief providing they have been prescribed by a registered doctor or dentist.

Educational Psychologists and Speech/Language Therapists expenses

  • Qualify for relief if the child is either under the age of 18 years or if over 18 years and is in full-time education

Dogs supplied by the Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind

  • An allowance of €825 at the standard rate of 20% is available, you must have a letter from Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind confirming that you are a registered owner

IVF treatment

  • Relief can be claimed where the treatment is carried out by a qualifying practitioner.

Laser vision correction surgery

  • Relief can be claimed provided a qualifying practitioner carries out the surgery.

Points to Remember about Medical Expenses

You cannot claim tax relief for any expenditure which has been, or will be, reimbursed by another body such as the VHI, Laya healthcare, Hibernian Aviva Health, the Health Service Executive or other body or person. You may claim tax relief in respect of any qualifying health expenses paid by you in respect of any individual.

Rent Relief

To be eligible for this tax credit, you need to have been continuously in private rental accommodation since 7th December 2010. The credit is doubled if you are over 55 or are married. No tax credit is due to individuals who began renting after 7 December 2010. 2017 will be the last year that this relief is available.

Flat Rate Expenses

Over 150 Employments qualify for a tax deduction known as a Flat Rate Expense, some examples include Hotel staff, Plumbers, Nurses, Doctors and Teachers. Inform us of your occupation and we will see if you are eligible for a tax refund.

Tuition fees and student contributions in respect of third level education

Tax relief may be available where tuition fees student contributions have been paid by an individual to an approved Third level institution. This tax relief is applicable per course, per student, per college year. Any part of your tuition fees covered directly or indirectly by grants, scholarships, by your employer or other financial aid will not be eligible for tax relief. An individual can claim tax relief on fees paid for Tuition Fees and Student contributions in respect of any person as long as he or she has paid the qualifying fees. It is important to remember that Registration fees do not qualify for this relief.

Pension Contributions

Amounts contributed to a pension can be deducted from gross income before that income becomes liable to tax, subject to certain limits. In effect, tax relief is given at the marginal rate of tax. Pension contributions of employees in occupational pension schemes will normally be made and relief given through their payroll system. Similar relief can be claimed through the local Revenue Office for contributions to other pension arrangements.

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