The pandemic has forced a large number of people to work from home. About 80 percent of people in Ireland have been working from home, which means a larger number of workers are eligible for Revenue’s eWorking tax relief.

The relief program offers a special tax rebate on work-related home expenses such as phone, heating, broadband, and light. Check this article to know more about the program and if you’re eligible.

Tax Rebate: The Eligibility Criteria

Here are some of the main requirements:

  • There must be a formal agreement between the employee and the employer requiring the employee to work from home.
  • The contract must require the employee to perform significant work-related duties at home.
  • The employee must work for a considerable amount of time at home.

If you meet these conditions then you may be eligible. While this program is essentially for workers who work from home during normal conditions, more employees might qualify due to the pandemic.

Tax Refund: The Process

  • Your employer can reimburse you by contributing €3.20 per workday tax free to you
  • You can choose to make a claim on your own

You will not have any difficulty if your employer chooses to reimburse you. However, if not, you will have to file a claim yourself.

The government allows a reduction of 10 percent of your heating and electricity cost and 30 percent of your internet cost.

We must mention that these costs depend on the number of days an applicant has worked from home. Also, the amount is divided if there are two or more people working from the same home and using the same resources.

It is better to have your employer make the payment as the total received when claiming the expenses yourself will typically be lower than the employer making the €3.20 payment. However, don’t hesitate in applying on your own if your employer does not make the payment.

You can go here to apply for your tax rebate. Make sure to have proof in the form of internet, electricity, and heating bills.